To say nothing of “cameltoe”

Isaac Schrödinger suggests that one benchmark for liberty in Islamic countries will be pornography:

Understand: when I say pornography, I’m including everything from Playboy to the most hardcore, um, stuff. Westerners might think that this definition is too broad but for many Muslims any woman without a burqa is hardcore.

Currently in almost all the Islamic lands, women have few, if any, rights. Men always come first and women come second (or sometimes not at all). Women should have the right to make their sexual or sensual choices. Pornography will thus be the ultimate expression of women’s freedom in Dar al-Islam.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Muslims have to approve the whole enterprise. They also don’t have to encourage their children to go into the adult entertainment industry. What it does mean is that they don’t harm those who make that choice. That is the logic of liberty.

Another beneficial aspect: sexual tension among the sexes will be diminished. This will lead to a lessening of Jihad recruits. Of course, their numbers won’t be fully eliminated since one can find numerous Jihadists among the sex-saturated West. But it’ll certainly make an impact on those who piously dig Allah for the (imaginary) chicks.

I’m not sure I buy that last paragraph — we’re awash in smut here in the Civilized World, and I fail to see any substantial lessening of sexual tension — but it’s got to be awfully hard to hide the average explosive belt under a tight tank top.


  1. McGehee »

    4 December 2006 · 9:43 am

    it’s got to be awfully hard to hide the average explosive belt under a tight tank top.

    And people prone to wearing their cargos around their knees would find the very idea of wearing any kind of belt to be, well, blastphemous.

  2. Mister Snitch! »

    6 December 2006 · 12:18 am

    Ah, the adventures of a slut!
    Oh I’m a market they can’t glut.
    I don’t know what
    Compares with smut!
    Hip-hip-hooray (Let’s hear it for the Supreme Court)!
    Don’t let them take it

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