Somewhere there’s a denier

Terry is taking a survey:

I hear that these days it’s considered gauche to wear stockings with peep-toe pumps. Supposedly a pedicure and nothing else is considered proper attire. Sandals, ok — in the summer, I’m willing to go bare legged. But for a fancy occasion, which it would have to be to wear these shoes, I’d feel undressed without pantyhose.

Adan by Betseyville

So I’m taking a survey. How many stocking-wearers? How many going for the natural look? Does it matter how good your legs are?

What do you think of bare legs under business or party attire? Hot, or tacky? Or who gives a damn?

I’d be much obliged if you’d answer these for her. (And if you’ll answer them here too, so much the better.)

The shoes, incidentally, are “Adan” by Betseyville, with nifty scalloped red and white trim and a 3½-inch heel. They can also be had in pink, with the same trim. $104 from Zappos.


  1. Tatyana »

    20 January 2009 · 5:24 pm

    “Natural look” is not for winter. And peep-toe is not for me, ever.

  2. Kay Dennison »

    20 January 2009 · 6:02 pm

    I wear sandal foot hosiery when I’m dresses up I’ve never worn peep toe shoes in my life. Do evening sandals count? These aging legs need all the help they can get. LOL

  3. CGHill »

    20 January 2009 · 6:46 pm

    I’ve always believed that the legs were the last things to go.

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