10-forty, good buddy

Dawdling Tax Service, which I castigated last year for their failure to get their system in gear, appears to have mended its ways; in fact, they sent me an email wanting to know if I was ready to do my tax return yet.

And I wasn’t, until yesterday, when Form 1098 appeared in the mail. DTS, to its credit, has improved its interface from “barely comprehensible” to “needs a little work,” which enabled me to finish a 1040, Schedule A, and the Oklahoma Form 511 in just about half an hour. (I keep, I think, slightly-better-than-average records, and I fill out actual forms beforehand to see if I have a clue as to what I’m doing. Other than misfiguring Oklahoma’s infamous “use tax” to the tune of five bucks, I was right on the, um, money.)

Incidentally, I made 6 percent more in 2008 than in 2007, though deductions were down 9 percent; I paid 15 percent more Federal tax. I suppose this might still meet the dictionary definition of “progressive.”

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