Qualifying for a U. S. Grant

Automakers are suffering because they can’t sell any cars; auto dealers are suffering because, well, they can’t sell any cars. Dealers, however, have alternative revenue streams, which the manufacturers will help them tap. Witness this mailing:

As a loyal customer, we know you are passionate about maintaining your vehicle with Infiniti expert service.

To thank you for your commitment, we are offering you a $50 rebate on your next Infiniti service visit.

And there’s a simulated $50 bill tucked into the fold.

There’s just one issue for me: I don’t happen to need $50 worth of service right this minute. (At 116,250 miles, the next service interval, it’s time for an oil change, and that’s it; the tab doesn’t approach $50.) The sensible thing to do, therefore, would be to hold it for the hyperexpensive 120k service, but that’s not happening before the end-of-March deadline.

Here’s what’s on the 120k Premium Maintenance list:

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Lubricate all locks/hinges
  • Replace automatic transmission fluid
  • Replace climate-controlled seat filter (M45/M35/Q45, if so equipped)
  • Replace differential oil
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace engine coolant/flush system
  • Replace engine drive belts
  • Replace in-cabin microfilter
  • Replace manual transmission oil
  • Replace radiator cap
  • Replace transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)
  • Replace wiper blades
  • Rotate tires (except G35 Coupe, Sport)
  • Optional: flush automatic transmission (flush with ATF)
  • Inspect the following:
  • __ All lights
    __ Axle & suspension parts
    __ Brake lines & cables
    __ Brake calipers, pads, rotors
    __ Brake light & cruise control switches
    __ Drive shaft boots (4WD/AWD)
    __ Exhaust system
    __ Front suspension ball joints
    __ Fuel lines/connections
    __ Fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
    __ Headlights/adjust if necessary
    __ Propeller shaft (4WD/AWD)
    __ Steering gear and linkage
    __ Steering linkage ball joints

The tire store will give me a free rotation, so that can be eliminated; I don’t have AWD, so those items are irrelevant; I replaced all the belts at 90k, so they should be okay; all the expendable brake parts have been done within the last 24 months and there are no obvious signs of problems.

I would, however, like some input into this mysterious “climate-controlled seat filter” on the higher-end models. I can think of some things related to seats that really ought to be filtered, you know?


  1. Jeffro »

    1 February 2009 · 7:38 pm

    “I can think of some things related to seats that really ought to be filtered, you know?”

    Hee hee – perhaps muffled as well.

  2. Scott »

    2 February 2009 · 8:39 am

    Agreed, but I hate to think that it’s climate-controlled.

  3. Jeff Shaw »

    2 February 2009 · 1:10 pm

    Back in the day, they used to hire high school kids to do that manually, uhh..,with a vacuum cleaner. If I may, the pay stunk!

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