Strange search-engine queries (157)

Looks like it’s time for another fresh batch of “WTF were they thinking?” entries pulled from this week’s searches.

you think you’re so cool:  Hey, it’s winter. Warmth costs money.

nair got in my labium:  Note to Technorati: We need a “TMI” tag.

can Oklahoma secede from the union:  No percentage in it; we’d have to pay Customs duties on the things we bought on Texas sales-tax holidays.

no colon tattoo:  I certainly wouldn’t want a tattoo on my colon.

short skirt windy day:  Truly, the Lord doth answer thine prayer, or at least mine.

how hard is web coding:  If I can do it, it can’t be too awfully hard.

is fortified wine the alcoholic beverage that gives the best buzz?  Depends on what you fortify it with. For maximum buzz, I recommend 6 oz. of live hornets.

can u fix a timing belt with panty hose:  Not while you’re wearing them.

how often should Infinite timing belts be changed?  If they’re truly Infinite, you’ll never be able to reach the damn pulley.

free download “this is the song that never ends”:  If it truly never ends, you’ll never be able to finish the damn download.

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