Filling in Schedule DD

Tax tips — that’s tips, mind you — from Lynn:

I have a tip for any adult heterosexual male Americans who might be reading this. Go get your taxes done at Jackson Hewitt. For the past three years the woman who did our taxes (a different woman every year) has had a fine big pair of boobs, prominently displayed either in a tight sweater or a low cut blouse. This year’s young female tax preparer had a somewhat smaller pair but still nicely displayed in a tight white sweater. And she had on a blue bra.

It’s not that I go around noticing such things all the time but when you’re sitting there for fifteen minutes or so with nothing to do but watch someone typing and that person has gone to the trouble of making it so obvious, you can’t help but notice. And what is it with Jackson Hewitt anyway. I don’t notice this anywhere else. I go to Wal-mart or the grocery store or any other store and the female employees are almost always dressed modestly. This is the Bible Belt after all so that’s what I normally expect but for some reason Jackson Hewitt consistently, year after year, hires women who are not shy about displaying what God gave them.

Now she tells me.

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  1. belhoste »

    6 February 2009 · 12:36 pm

    I may have to pass this along to my accountant…

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