Program littering

As far as antivirus programs and the like are concerned, my current favorite is Eset NOD32, which I use on the laptop; it’s unobtrusive and efficient, two things I admire greatly in a security package, especially one I’m relying on when I’m on the road and exposed to God knows what.

At home, though, I’m still fiddling with CA’s desktop package, which is a notch down from the top choices but which so far has yet to brick my system. (Don’t laugh. I managed to brick a fricking mouse this week.) CA has one nice plus: a spam-blocking system that integrates into (sigh) Microsoft Outlook. And the newest version has one small but annoying minus: at bootup it drops something onto the taskbar that reads “CA ISS Dashboard” which doesn’t do a thing except eat up screen space; you can’t even right-click it out of existence. To clear it off, you have to open up their full-sized desktop interface and subsequently close it, which is a waste of time if you’ve automated all the major functions.

I will give them not quite one year to fix this — after all, their licensing is for 365 days, not a year — after which, if they haven’t, I will buy an extra NOD32 license and be done with it.

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