MAPS approacheth

Folks in my immediate neighborhood might have been wondering what all that MAPS for Kids fuss was about: you didn’t see any of those millions being spent around here. It was fairly obvious why: the physical plant, built circa 1950, wasn’t in quite the level of disrepair seen elsewhere in the district, and to use the standard jargon, students have been making Adequate Progress.

Now things will start to move. The first MAPS for Kids Community Meeting for Monroe School will be on the 24th (Tuesday) at 6 pm at the school cafeteria. Given the humongous crowd at the field yesterday evening, I’m thinking they ought to spend a few bucks there.

(Historical note: The penny sales tax for MAPS for Kids expired 31 December 2008 and was replaced by a shorter-term tax to finance NBA-level improvements to the Ford Center. As of the end of June, about $280 million was on hand for school projects.)

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