A hint of wizardry

Well, this didn’t look like a team that was 30 games behind. The Washington Wizards, despite a record even more woeful than the Thunder’s, refused to go away until literally the last minute, when Nenad Krstić got a timely rebound, dropped in a pair of free throws, and got one more timely rebound, putting Oklahoma City up 88-83 and earning a 1-1 split for the series.

Once again, Antawn Jamison had his way: he knocked down 29 points, way more than anyone else on either side, and snagged ten boards. Darius Songaila and Andray Blatche were good for 14 each. The Wizards shot only 40 percent, though they nailed three of nine from beyond the arc.

All five Thunder starters — again, without Kevin Durant or Jeff Green — finished in double figures, led by Krstić with 18. Nick Collison had a double-double — 12 points, 10 rebounds — and once again, Thabo Sefolosha finished with 15 points, not to mention three steals and three blocks. The man’s a veritable Wrecking Crew. OKC shot 50 percent on the nose.

With the hot-shoes sidelined, the bench-dwellers are emerging again: Damien Wilkins, in 15 minutes, got eight points, seven boards and two steals. Robert Swift put in a productive shift, as did Malik Rose, and Earl Watson served up his usual quantity (seven) of dimes.

It’s off to New Orleans for a Saturday night — and who hasn’t looked fondly on that prospect? — followed by the Sixers at the Ford on Sunday.


  1. CT »

    5 March 2009 · 11:27 am

    I’m curious, since I never follow hoops: Are the announcers, media, etc. doing a good job of referring to the team with the full “Oklahoma City”, instead of just “Oklahoma” for brevity? And does it matter either way? I know that during my Florida days, it would stick in many a craw when the local sports teams were (and still are) referred to with the shorthand “Tampa” instead of “Tampa Bay” — especially for those who didn’t live in city of Tampa proper.

  2. CGHill »

    5 March 2009 · 11:51 am

    The locals, mindful that there was a minor dustup over this very issue during the off-season before the name was made official, have been careful to spell it out. I’ve only spotchecked a couple of visiting announcing teams (audio stream from their flagship radio stations), and I didn’t catch many lapses. The biggest problem, early on, was Thunder radio guy Matt Pinto, who last year was Sonics radio guy Matt Pinto; he had to adjust to conditions in a hurry, and did.

  3. CT »

    5 March 2009 · 12:53 pm

    You should bottle that enforcement potion and ship it to Florida’s Gulf coast; they’re closing in on 35 years of the “Tampa Buccaneers” (and Rays, and Lightning).

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