Reverse those forwards

A plea from Donna:

I love when people forward me silly videos BUT I HATE WHEN THEY ATTACH THE VIDEO TO THE EMAIL. Can’t you just find it on YouTube and send me a link? See, I got Vista which means my computer is slower than a tortoise, it’s slower than my old Commodore 64. If I try to open a video attachment, that’s all my computer will be able to do for a good 5 minutes. Talk about painful. And if the video sucks … it makes the pain I already feel so much greater. But if people would attach a YouTube link — it doesn’t kill my computer and it’s not eating at the space Gmail provides. I get a quick chuckle and I can move on.

Lest we forget, the Commodore 64’s clock speed was — wait for it — 1.02 MHz.

Not wishing to get on Donna’s bad side (well, she doesn’t really have any bad sides, but work with me here), I’m not emailing this video to her. In fact, I’m not even embedding it here; I’m simply posting the YouTube link, and noting that I swiped it from Robert Stacy McCain.

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  1. Violins and Starships »

    6 March 2009 · 5:50 pm

    Email Aggravation…

    Fortunately no one has done this to me yet. Why would anyone do such a thing when it’s so easy to just post a link? …

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