A good stamping

During post-Christmas cleanup, I turned up a sheet of 18 first-class stamps from (probably) 2006, which, unlike today’s spiffy Forever Stamps, are never going to be worth more than 39 cents.

The letter rate is scheduled to go from 42 to 44 cents in May, so I had basically two options: find some 5-cent stamps and use up the 39s then, or find some 3-cent stamps and use them up now.

The question was settled by the Postal Service itself, which actually had 3-cent stamps in their mail-order section: panes of 20 Silver Coffeepot stamps could be had for sixty cents. Plus a dollar shipping, I noted ruefully, and ordered two more books of Forever Stamps (20 each) for future consumption.

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  1. ms7168 »

    13 March 2009 · 9:16 am

    It is so seldom I mail anything anymore I don’t even keep stamps.
    Necessitates a trip to the Post Office whenever the rare occasion arises but that’s alright. Mostly birthdays and Christmas.

    I used to buy stamps by the 100 roll and then it would always irk me when the postage would go up and I would have to use two stamps for a while.

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