Way north of all this snow

It was a heck of a lot warmer in Toronto this evening than it was in Oklahoma City, but the Raptors, who have blown hot and cold all season, blew the Thunder out of Air Canada Arena, 112-96, earning a 1-1 split of the series.

When Toronto is good, they’re very, very good, and they were that good tonight; the Raptors shot 50.5 percent, made eight of 18 treys, missed only one of nine foul shots, and grabbed an amazing 55 rebounds, 14 offensive. Chris Bosh was already into double-double land in the first half; Shawn Marion joined him in the second; Andrea Bargnani and Roko Ukic came close.

The Thunder managed to keep the turnovers down to 11, but shooting was off — 41.7 percent — and treys, three of 13, were few and far between. And they didn’t come close to their usual board dominance, pulling in only 37 rebounds. The OKC bench was good for 42 points, though 21 of those came from Nick Collison; Kevin Durant, who logged 37 minutes, about five less than usual, managed only 18 points, and no one else had more than 11. Damien Wilkins, though, had something to prove: in less than four minutes of garbage time he rattled off 8 points, missing only one shot. Even Robert Swift came out to play, though Earl Watson remains glued to the bench.

This is not what you’d call a grand beginning to a road trip that must go through Boston and San Antonio, and it drops the Thunder to 6-7 for March. (Yeah, I know, they were 2-15 in November, but that was last year, sort of.)


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