The spirit of the Explorer

Or the Expedition, or the Yukon XL:

T-shirt by snoburbia

Just one of the T-shirt designs at snoburbia, “making fun of snobbery, overachieverism and suburbia, as well as celebrating where you live — snoburbia.”

(There’s also a blog, which I know some of you have been reading.)


  1. Prudie »

    2 April 2009 · 2:32 pm

    Ha. I must have one. I only drive a bitty Kia Sportage but it’s still true.

  2. Lynn »

    2 April 2009 · 3:29 pm


  3. Lynn »

    2 April 2009 · 4:05 pm

    BTW, speaking of hybrids, you might like this:

    Warning: Very Not PC

  4. McGehee »

    2 April 2009 · 5:53 pm

    The presence of back doors and the use of the term “SUV” instead of truck makes it not workable for me. Heh.

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