Wooden have expected it

As I whined the day my fence was hit:

I am at a loss here, in several senses of the word. It’s my understanding (which may be incorrect) that this fence is a shared resource, but the likelihood that I’ll pry anything out of the apartment owner is pretty low.

And once again I am wrong: some time today he dispatched a maintenance type (I assume) to attempt to repair the damaged section. The tenuous connections to the posts are now less so, and a reinforcement has been added to the lower crossbar.

It’s not very pretty, I suppose, but it’s solid, and it’s better than I had any reason to expect. I will dispatch a letter tomorrow thanking the owner for his attention to this matter.

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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    3 April 2009 · 4:05 am

    I envy you that neighbor. A falling tree belonging to my neighbor to the north took down a section of my fence, but my neighbor decided it had nothing to do with him…after he took the wood for his fireplace, of course.

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