Down to two

From the Little Axe Ledger:

Cleveland County is one of only three counties in Oklahoma that does not levy a sales tax. That ends April 1, when a ¼ cent sales tax goes into effect. County voters approved the tax last December to finance construction of a new jail at Franklin Road and 24th Avenue NW.

Hmmm. I live in one of the holdouts — Oklahoma County — but what’s the other?

The Tax Commission made a list [link goes to PDF file], and after checking it twice, I find that Hughes County has no county sales tax.

On the other hand, Holdenville, the seat thereof, will sock you for 5 percent, over and above the state levy of 4.5.

(After that Tax Commission link dies, you can find the current numbers here.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    3 April 2009 · 7:48 am

    Yeah, all combined, we’re at 9 and 1/8 percent now.

    I dread what may be coming if some other new project (other than the new sports facility and the new high school) becomes necessary. I could see sales tax hitting 10% some time in the not too distant future.

    Which makes me a little less irked to pay that “use fee” on my state income tax, considering the volume of stuff I mail order.

  2. CGHill »

    3 April 2009 · 8:29 am

    Oklahoma City gets by on 8.375 for the moment. There’s a temporary tax (1 percent) in place to pay for the Ford Center revamp and other NBA-related matters; when it expires some time next year, I expect there will be a MAPS 3 package to be supported by that penny.

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