Taking leave of the Census

An argument for boycotting the damned thing:

It was all fine and good in 1810 when they were mainly allocating Congressional Districts, but today the census is the main vehicle for allocating huge amounts of extra-Constitutional federal spending, and provides the information legislators use to justify any number of new taxes and spending programs. It’s time for us to all take those census forms and just circular file them. I think that this is a particularly powerful act this time around given the emphasis the Obama administration has put on the census as part of its policy initiatives.

In my own business, I get Federal census forms and labor department surveys and tourism board surveys — stacks of these things — and I toss every one of them into the trash. I have zero need to help provide government with the ammunition to further rape my wallet and trash my rights.

A possible counterargument, from the comments to that post:

You may chose to remove yourself from the population and/or voter’s lists, but I assure you the many, many dead people registered to vote in Chicago and Detroit will not.

Then again, inasmuch as every question on the Census (or its more-intrusive sister, the American Community Survey) is presumably vetted by Congress, if we don’t like the questions asked in 2010, there’s an election conveniently scheduled for that very year.

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  1. Tom »

    10 April 2009 · 9:52 am

    I am an amateur genealogist and use census records extensively when researching family histories. It’s an invaluable tool that I fear will be lost to future researchers due to the present politicalization of the process.

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