C’mon, get — whoa!

No, no, not Mrs Partridge!

Shirley Jones just turned 75, but she hasn’t slowed down since she starred in Oklahoma! in 1955. The grandmother of 10 goes topless in an upcoming episode of A&E’s The Cleaner. Playing a washed-up, alcoholic chanteuse, Jones, who won a 1960 Oscar playing a prostitute in Elmer Gantry, opens up her blouse in a climactic scene.

Couldn’t they have gotten a real washed-up, alcoholic chanteuse instead?

Meanwhile, here’s to more pleasant memories:

Shirley Jones publicity photo

(Article via Lawren. Photo courtesy of Andrew Crossett.)


  1. Tatyana »

    1 May 2009 · 11:09 am

    Would you like it better if she went through a series of cosmetic surgeries so as not to hurt your eyes during that revealing act?

  2. CGHill »

    1 May 2009 · 11:13 am

    She may look perfectly wonderful as is. I still don’t want to see it/them. Far be it from me to discourage a woman from disrobing, but somehow this seems just a little bit too exploitative: do you know any 75-year-old women in real life who would bare their breasts purely to make a rhetorical point?

  3. Tatyana »

    1 May 2009 · 11:45 am

    I suspect quite a few of 75yo former actresses will do anything to be-once again-in front of the camera, and being paid for it. Especially if they are not as rich as the likes of Fonda and Sarandon.

  4. Lisa Paul »

    1 May 2009 · 2:07 pm

    I suspect Chaz has an innocent boy-crush on Shirley from back in her hey-day and doesn’t want to see her do anything to dispel her formerly wholesome image. After all, she did play the virginal Laurie in “Oklahoma”.

  5. McGehee »

    1 May 2009 · 5:05 pm

    “Angel Is a Centerfold” at age 75?


  6. CGHill »

    1 May 2009 · 5:18 pm

    I don’t think this is the whole issue, though holding onto memories is one thing I do: the young lady I almost dated in high school remains forever fourteen, despite the fact that she’ll be 55 next week.

    Similarly, Warner Bros.’ Stan Cornyn once described Petula Clark on an LP jacket as “looking tousled and fourteen as ever.” At the time, she was somewhere around thirty-five. As J. Geils (or Peter Wolf, anyway) would say, “Freeze-frame.”

  7. Tatyana »

    1 May 2009 · 9:25 pm

    I looked at the picture again…there is a strange discontent between her face and the hairdo and the risque pose, don’t you think? If they had Photoshop in those days I’d be sure somebody glued a pic from a HS yearbook on a pin girl from a calendar

  8. CGHill »

    1 May 2009 · 10:00 pm

    The hairdo suggests about 1965, at which time Shirley was appearing in a film called Fluffy — but it was about a lion. (And if that’s the date, she was past 30.)

  9. Tatyana »

    1 May 2009 · 10:50 pm

    I’m talking about an image she projects, not her biography.

  10. CGHill »

    1 May 2009 · 10:58 pm

    I’ve seen enough of what photographers used to call “leg art” to believe this particular example is more rule than exception. And Hugh Hefner’s, um, worldview was informed by this practice: the Playmate, by design, was supposed to be the sweet girl next door, albeit with a body that not only wouldn’t quit, it wouldn’t take an hour off for lunch.

  11. Tatyana »

    2 May 2009 · 7:20 am

    Ah, men are so inconsistent

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