See how incredibly wealthy you are?

You don’t think so? Just wait:

Who’s going to pay for the bailouts and the massive porkulus bill passed by Democrats in Congress? Oh, don’t worry, we’re told. It’ll just be “the rich.” Which reminds me of the Soviet-era joke: a rabbit is caught trying to flee over the border. He’s asked why by border guards. “Because I’ve heard they’re going to castrate all the camels.” The guards scoff, “But you’re a rabbit.” To which the rabbit replies, “Just try telling them different when they say you’re a camel!” So don’t worry: when they come to need the money, you’ll be rich enough.

But not for long.

Not exactly random factoid: The Forbes 400 for 2008 had an aggregate wealth of $1.57 trillion. Confiscating every last cent of it would cover the budget deficit for less than two years.

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