Isn’t it iconic?

Brand spankin' newThis picture has been showing up on billboards around town, though I clipped it from the Gazette: it’s part of the current ad campaign for a a local gaming establishment. What I can’t fathom is the actual relevance of the image, though I have come up with a few possible explanations:

  • It’s gotta be the shoes.
  • Made you look, didn’t it? Now shuddup and gamble.
  • It’s the Kickapoo Casino; this is the “kick” part.

On an actual billboard, this tends to make me wonder whatever happened to the 49.958-Foot Woman.


  1. Don Mecoy »

    6 May 2009 · 10:55 am

    Interesting coincidence. Just saw great post on the biology of 50-foot woman, incredible shrinking man and other B-movie creatures.

  2. Dan B »

    8 May 2009 · 9:33 am

    No woman in Kickapoo casino has legs like that, more resemble barrels and river-drainage maps. Those legs must belong to the owner’s mistress/trophy wife.

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