Wearin’ o’ some sorta green

Back on this thread about blue shoes, I vowed to find some green shoes on behalf of Suzette, who seems to be the one person who actually owns such.

It wasn’t quite as easy as I anticipated. I fired up the browser, pointed it to Zappos.com, set the search criteria for “women’s shoes” and “green” — no other specifications — and while I got three pages of results, most of them seemed to be either turquoise or some variation of British racing green.

Then there was this:

Calypso by Kate Spade

“Calypso” by Kate Spade is described as a “kelly green,” which seems accurate enough. It’s an interesting shoe, with that rope-look strappage and a modest two-inch heel. But what makes it most interesting to me is the fact that at the moment, Zappos.com will sell it to you for $56 less than if you’d ordered any of the four other available colors, including a right smart orange. I suppose no one likes green shoes except Suzette — or the Boston Celtics.


  1. Kay Dennison »

    25 May 2009 · 1:19 pm

    I think they are pretty neat and I have a gorgeous Kasper suit with which they would look terrific! AND, for a change, they don’t have 4-inch heels!!!! Thanks!

  2. CGHill »

    25 May 2009 · 2:30 pm

    Now that I’d like to see.

  3. Suzette »

    26 May 2009 · 5:37 am

    This is very helpful to me. To me and the Jolly Green Giant – that’s the entire market segment for green shoes.

    Once, back in the glory days, I had a pair of saddle shoes that were green where you’d expect to see black. My fond hope is that after we’re all over the gypsy shirt/bell bottom pants revival, saddle shoes will make a fashion comeback.

  4. Lynn »

    27 May 2009 · 12:42 pm

    A search for green women’s shoes on Endless.com yields 1,277 results, many of which stretch the definition of “green” somewhat but there are at least dozens that are actually green.

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