Starring Bud Bundy as Grandmaster B

The problem with young people today? Among other things, it’s their goofy nicknames:

Back in my day, young people had sensible nicknames like “Shorty” or “Red” or “Spanky” and “Buckwheat.” Solid, dependable nicknames that you could count on to see you through the good times and the bad. Nicknames that would last you a lifetime.

But these young people today, they have nicknames like “DXMST,” “DJ Ice Dam” and “Pee Diddly.” God damned ridiculous names that sound like acronyms for the space program, chemical compounds or the tail end of a rude limerick.

On the other hand, there once was a hermit named Dave. [Probably NSFW.]

And I can’t imagine anyone this side of Eddie Murphy wanting to hold on to “Buckwheat.” Still:

Sorry kids but changing your name from Greg to “Tre Fierce” doesn’t make you a gangster or change the fact that you’re a 110 pound lactose intolerant sophomore with acne, no girlfriend and a lateral lisp.

Any relation to Sasha Fierce?

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  1. scooby214 »

    1 June 2009 · 2:28 pm

    Your reference to Bud Bundy made me laugh! Good old Tailwagger B! A classic (within the realm of stupid sitcom shows, that is…)

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