Or you could just build another closet

When reporting on a pair of shoes, I generally give a price point. Some people will shrug; others will stare in disbelief that anybody would spend that kind of money on something that obviously isn’t going to be worn regularly.

The latter group, should they happen to be within the general vicinity of Boise, Idaho, will find that particular concern addressed by One Night Stand, which actually rents shoes for $6 to $12 a night plus a refundable deposit. They stock stuff like this, and each pair is given a round in the decontamination chamber, or something similar, before it’s turned loose on a customer.

Shoeflyer likes the concept:

Most women wear their formal shoes only one or two times before relegating them to the back of the closet. If you’re like me, your rhinestone-studded prom pieces are gathering dust, taking up space, and remotely guilting you out for not wearing them more often. Assuming the shoes are thoroughly sanitized and in good shape, I’d definitely be willing to take a rental pair out for a test drive. I also like the idea of renting shoes as a way to figure out whether a certain pair is comfortable enough for a whole night on the town. If the rental audition went well, I’d gladly buy a pair.

The drawback, of course, is that you have to be somewhere near Boise or this makes no sense. Will there be franchises some day?


  1. McGehee »

    2 June 2009 · 3:21 pm

    I refuse to rent shoes anywhere but a bowling alley.

  2. sya »

    2 June 2009 · 7:18 pm

    I still think it would be more cost effective if you just get a pair of dress shoes that goes with everything. (Assuming, of course, that you don’t care about being seen in the same shoes all the time.)

  3. CGHill »

    2 June 2009 · 7:30 pm

    “If they go with everything,” says the cynic, “how are they in the least bit dressy?”

  4. sya »

    3 June 2009 · 12:31 am

    Well in a fashion, it’s pomo. Just as an artist can call a urinal “art”, the shoe wearer can deem certain footwear “dressy” regardless of what else the shoe wearer is wearing, what occasion the shoe wearer is attending, or what anyone else thinks about it.

  5. Francis W. Porretto »

    3 June 2009 · 3:48 am

    Miss Manners once wrote that a woman’s “best” outfit is whatever she says it is — in contrast to a man’s “best” outfit, which, she opined, is defined “right there on the rental agreement.”

    Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis.

  6. fillyjonk »

    3 June 2009 · 8:09 am

    I’m not sure that even knowing the shoes had been “decontaminated” would overcome my personal ick factor. (At least with bowling shoes, you’re wearing socks. And I haven’t bowled in a good 20 years).

    Then again, I never have anywhere that is all that dressy to go to. (And I consider it a perk of being in the business that I am that I do not get “black tie NOT optional” invitations on a regular basis. I had a friend whose husband was an administrator and the series of boring events she got dragged to – and had to have clothing appropriate for – was kind of mindblowing)

    I have a pair of black pumps. I think they still fit my feet. I wore them to the last wedding I went to. I think weddings are about the dressiest event I’ve gone to…

  7. Shannon Vealitzek »

    23 June 2009 · 1:03 am

    My sister and I own One Night Stand…which has done great in Boise. Online renting will be available soon, and YES you need more than just a black pump. (YIKES!) While your basic black pump can certainly work for several outfits, it does not cover all of your shoe fashion needs. Ladies, this is a cheap and clean, yes clean, way to look fabulous. Don’t knock it until you try it and do yourself a favor, upgrade your heels. 1-2 pairs will not do…


    Stay tuned for online renting, it sounds like we all need it!

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