Dynamic new technology

Otherwise known as the old technology. Trini found this blurb with the CD of Goodbye to the Machine by HURT:

“Goodbye to the Machine” was recorded using 2″ analog tape and mixed down to ½” analog tape. It was mixed by hand without the aid of a computer. This technique was utilized to further accentuate the honesty and integrity of HURT’s music. Great care was employed to maintain the highest fidelity possible. It was also cut to vinyl directly from the analog ½” master tapes to avoid digitization of the pure analog sound.

Although this much is new, sort of:

As part of your purchase and to fully experience the music the way it was recorded we are pleased to offer you 320 bit mp3s taken from the vinyl cut of the album.

I’ve heard only one track (“Wars,” now playing on iTunes) from this album, and it does not remind me of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine.”


  1. Old Grouch »

    4 June 2009 · 5:38 pm

    Coming soon: Direct-to-acetate, all in one take.

  2. writer chick »

    4 June 2009 · 9:32 pm

    Oh that’s funny – they just couldn’t quite get away from all the evil modern technology, eh? Good one.

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