Skimming along

First, let’s look:

Flat-heeled skimmer by J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters

And now, the press release:

Jane Aldridge may be just 17 years old, but the Dallas-based fashion blogger has an impressive global following on her personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. “Ever since I’ve reached my full shoe size I’ve been fanatical about collecting shoes,” says Aldridge. “That’s how my blog got started, as a means of chronicling my addiction to beautiful footwear and the evolution of my personal style,” she adds.

The magnetic Texas teen has to wear a school uniform five days a week with a one and a half inch heel rule, but outside of class, flats are the last thing you’ll see her wearing. From YSL cage heels and Chanel bow-tie booties to Margiela clogs, Aldridge pairs her favored heels with equally envied outfits. And now, she has found another creative outlet for her passion; designing shoes herself, with the help of Urban Outfitters.

This is one of three designs by J. Aldridge coming to a UO near you: there’s also a studded black gladiator heel, actually a bit less garish than most of its ilk, and a knee-high open-toe boot with a couple yards of lacing. I picked the flat because, well, it’s the last thing you’ll see her wearing. Maybe. Let’s hope they sell bazillions of them.

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