Just a dusting (2)

Stuff I didn’t mention this past week and would like to get off my plate:

The Al Franken Decade begins in the Senate:
I was starting to think Norm Coleman was going to stretch this out for ten years.

Hayden Panettiere drops her towel:
Call me when she leaves it in another room.

Hyundai offers $1.49 gas to buyers of some of its cars:
None of which run on premium, I hope.

Microsoft’s Bing improves market share, slightly:
Which is more than Microsoft Bob ever did.

Russia’s Gazprom signs joint-venture deal with Nigerians, coins unfortunate name:
“Nigaz”? Please.


  1. jen »

    4 July 2009 · 6:34 am

    So, what about Bing? Is it going to make it? And, soemthing very strange has been happening over at my blog. Ever since installing the Zemanta program blogger offered, my image searches have taken over my stats!! It’s craziness. I wonder if they’re related. I’m on Bing daily – checking it out.

  2. McGehee »

    4 July 2009 · 7:58 am

    Microsoft Bob was never as funny as the original article. Bing is an easier target to hit.

  3. fillyjonk »

    4 July 2009 · 8:33 am

    That last one is on the same level as the ill-fated Italian biotechnology company – they named themselves GenItalia.

  4. CGHill »

    4 July 2009 · 10:02 am

    I like Bing. On the other hand, it’s Microsoft, and I give space to Microsoft grudgingly, if at all, because I know what they’ll (try to) do with it once they’re in. Heck, I even circumvent Google on this site, as the search button says.

  5. Dick Stanley »

    4 July 2009 · 12:49 pm

    It will interesting to see where Franken applies his pork.

  6. Mark Alger »

    4 July 2009 · 3:53 pm

    Given that Hayden Panettiere plays a high school cheerleader on Heroes and I clicked through to see if on the off-chance there was a picture at the link… Does that make me a dirty old man?


  7. CGHill »

    4 July 2009 · 3:56 pm

    You could always claim that Dolly put you up to it.

    And if I’d wanted to give out picture links, I’d have given out picture links.

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