In the key of Middle Columbus

There are 88 keys on a piano.

There are 88 counties in Ohio.


I don’t know anything about music, but holy crap, I have to make a map based on this coincidence.

And so I did, bit by bit, gradually descending into madness in the process. It has no purpose, really, apart from being an experiment in some sort of weird artistic musical cartography.

Nor is it exactly perfect:

A couple final caveats: 1) the piano sounds are exported from GarageBand and on the high end don’t seem to sound great, and 2) this little application is not at all idiot-proofed, so my apologies if you are an idiot. This is just a demonstration of a ridiculous concept; it’s hardly worth the effort to make it a well-designed, smoothly functioning application. For now, no stop buttons, nothing to keep you from playing a cacophony of all the options at onceā€¦ go nuts, it’s kind of more fun anyway.

I leave to actual Buckeye State residents the question of where the pedals should go.

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