Whippersnapper no more

John Salmon is approaching one of the following:


Having gone into Coot Overload myself several years ago, I know this turf a bit too well.

Then again, my first impulse is to dance on it. The day after I turned 50 was the day I took possession of the palatial estate at Surlywood; the last five years, while they’ve had their excruciating moments, were a hell of lot less painful than the five years immediately before. (I was arguably better off financially back then, but my mental state was agitated and then some, and frankly, I feel a whole lot better being smug and complacent.) “You must not forget to live while you are trying to save your life.”

Best advice I can give, with 56 creeping up on me, is this: If you need to ask if your time is up, it isn’t.

And, if available in your area, take advantage of Cash for Codgers.


  1. ms7168 »

    4 August 2009 · 1:44 pm

    The Warren Theater recognizes Seniors at 55 as does IHOP and a couple of others. Seemingly though most of them still use either 60, 62 or 65 to denote Senior status.

    I don’t know about you but I get a little tired of “OMG . . one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel” reaction I elicit quite a bit when people discover how old I am.

  2. Baby M »

    4 August 2009 · 2:21 pm

    Repeat after me: “You kids get off my lawn!”

  3. Lisa Paul »

    4 August 2009 · 2:42 pm

    I gave up on the Senior label when AARP started trying to recruit younger and younger. My 43 year old friend just got a welcome packet.

    Besides, Jackie Gleason, The Great One, said 50 is only middle age if you are planning to live to 100. I am.


  4. og »

    4 August 2009 · 6:11 pm

    Naw, you got it all wrong. It’s BLAM! “Get him off my lawn”

    Shoot first. That way they know you’re serious.

  5. Dick Stanley »

    4 August 2009 · 8:54 pm

    I get the “but you don’t look 65,” all the time. I say, “Actually, this is what 65 looks like.”

  6. John Salmon »

    5 August 2009 · 4:06 pm

    Thanks for the mention.

    The thing that really drives me nuts is noticing a particularly attractive “older woman”, then realizing that one, she’s probably about 40, and two, she’s dead out of my league.

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