Ring job

News Item: The Tulsa 2020 Committee on Tuesday presented the City Council with the idea of the city making a bid to host the 2020 summer Olympic games.

Top Ten things that will happen before Tulsa hosts the Olympics:

  1. A phone booth in Grand Island, Nebraska becomes an independent nation
  2. Walmart trades the remains of General Motors to the Chinese for two pallets of paper towels
  3. NBA expands to Shanghai, Guam, Tel Aviv, and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  4. Monument to Ted Kennedy opens at the New England Aquarium
  5. The last Twitter tweet is sent; it’s a retweet
  6. Chuck Norris dies, gives St. Peter roundhouse kick, returns to earth aged 22
  7. Congress, fearing the wrath of voters, cuts the top marginal income-tax rate back to 50 percent
  8. Bill O’Reilly embarks on his new career as a monk
  9. Facebook announces its first nuclear test
  10. Sally Kern and Jim Inhofe lead the OKC Pride Parade

Don’t expect all of these things to happen at once.


  1. Fishersville Mike »

    5 August 2009 · 7:26 pm

    Olympic news…

    Did you know someone in Tulsa has thought about bringing the Summer Olympics there in 2020? Take time to clean off your computer screen. Dustbury is on the case. …

  2. Dick Stanley »

    8 August 2009 · 4:51 am

    Take me back to Tulsa…

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