Shades of the past

Former Teen Dream Deborah (don’t call her “Debbie” anymore) Gibson turns 40 next year, which fact prompted me to seek out more recent photos, although the one on her Twitter account is kinda cute. (Yes, I follow. Heck, I bought almost all of her records, fercryingoutloud.)

From this past June at a Pride event in Denver:

Deborah Gibson at 2009 Gay Pride Soiree, Denver

(Further such shots here.)


  1. Anna and Albert’s Rule 5 Saturday »

    9 August 2009 · 11:30 am

    […] reveals the Victoria's Secret of the Bermuda Triangle. Dollhouse Galactica Shades of the past … Debbie Gibson! When you have a video called Skinny Dippin', you deserve a mention on Rule 5 Sunday! Decisions, […]

  2. Jessika »

    10 August 2009 · 9:07 am

    You could have easily seen what she looked like if you would have watched the awesomely bad yet awesome Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.

    Yes. It is as great as it looks.

  3. CGHill »

    10 August 2009 · 10:13 am

    I sat through the trailer and decided that what was seen could not be unseen.

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