QLOCK qleaned

I have always had a high regard for Movado’s “Museum” watch, simple and uncluttered, but not capable of timing a Top Fuel dragster run: there are other gizmos for that.

And I suppose this says something about me, since I’ve had the same digital watch for twenty-five years, with a variety of functions, most of which I never use: what I want to know, generally, is simply “What time is it?”


This is QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk; it comes in six colors and six languages and updates the time by illuminating the appropriate LEDs at five-minute intervals. In between, there is a small LED in each corner, not shown here, which fills in the gaps. They are arranged, of course, in clockwise order, starting with the upper left; at 12:19 all four will be lit, and at 12:20 the wording changes and the corner LEDs go out. You can actually see this in action, so to speak, on the QLOCKTWO site.

More complicated than it needs to be? Maybe. And German craftsmanship isn’t cheap: this little darb runs €885. Still, it appeals to the gee-whiz side of me, which never quite seems to run out of time, and if I ever find myself with an iPhone, I’d buy this as an app.

(Via Popgadget.)

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