Are you unlisted yet?

A few days back, I ran a story about AT&T wanting to ditch delivery of the residential listings in metro Atlanta, and made the following semi-pertinent observation:

[A]round here they’ve been trying to reduce the demand by making the print too small to read for anyone old enough to remember how to use the damn book in the first place.

It’s now shrunk to invisibility, but with no actual paper saving: dumped on my porch this afternoon were the usual full-sized AT&T Yellow Pages, and a Mini-Me version of same called the “Yellow Pages Companion.” No residential listings at all. Plenty of duplication between the two books, though, although they were careful to give the obligatory front-cover stick-on cards to two different law firms.

I’m trying to decide whether I really care or not. I suspect that ultimately no one will miss the White Pages, except maybe Navin Johnson, and he was kind of a jerk.


  1. Venomous Kate »

    22 August 2009 · 4:47 pm

    A running joke in our house (no pun intended) is that the yellow pages are our emergency toilet paper supply.

  2. Steve Lackmeyer »

    22 August 2009 · 4:51 pm

    Let’s just get this over with right now: yes, the story that will likely pop up in the paper this next week about this topic, if done by me, will have been inspired by yet another informative post by the great granddaddy blogger of OKC, Charles Hill.

  3. Lynn »

    22 August 2009 · 9:35 pm

    We get at least half a dozen phone books. There’s the Tulsa AT&T Phone book, the mini Tulsa AT&T phone book, two unoffcial phone books, and official and unofficial phone books for several small towns in NE OK, some of which are included in the Tulsa phone book. We almost never use any of them.

  4. Francis W. Porretto »

    23 August 2009 · 5:03 am

    Remember AT&T’s frantic marketing efforts on behalf of the Yellow Pages, two decades or so ago? Tempora mutantur.

    As for the White Pages, for some fifteen years now I’ve been listed under my Newfoundland’s name. He died back in 2005, which might explain why I don’t get many calls these days. Or not.

  5. McGehee »

    23 August 2009 · 7:45 am

    I know we get the “official” formerly-Bellsouth-now-AT&T book for Coweta County — but in the increasingly unlikely event we actually need to consult a phone book at home, it’s almost always one of the third-party books.

    When traveling, of course, we use whatever has been placed in the room, and on this particular three-night trip alone we’ve looked up more information in the book than we would at home in six months, if not a year.

  6. ms7168 »

    25 August 2009 · 7:06 am

    You will receive a white pages directory -if- you are an at&t residential customer. If not you will not. It has come down to that. Everyone will receive the Yellow pages.

  7. CGHill »

    25 August 2009 · 7:26 am

    In that case, they owe me.

  8. ms7168 »

    25 August 2009 · 8:50 am

    You have residential phone service with at&t? I do not. I went cell only two years ago and since then I have only received Yellow pages and that was the explanation I received.

  9. CGHill »

    25 August 2009 · 9:21 am

    Yes, I have one of their land lines.

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