Incurable disease update

Well, I suppose I can start circling the drain now. The creeping neuropathy in both feet has stopped creeping and started increasing: a month and a half ago, it was barely noticeable, but now it’s becoming almost alarming.

There is, of course, no cure; treatments are palliative at best. Not that it matters, since I’m old and decrepit and our new healthcare overlords will throw me under the bus at the first opportunity anyway.


  1. Bill Peschel »

    23 August 2009 · 8:48 pm

    It grieves me to hear about that. I’ve followed few bloggers as long as I have you, and I hope it will continue for years to come.

  2. CGHill »

    23 August 2009 · 8:55 pm

    Well, there are some people I have to outlive, just for spite. That may help somewhat.

  3. rammer »

    23 August 2009 · 9:20 pm

    Aww, shit. You are as fine a fellow as anyone could ever hope to meet. I have it on good authority that there are about six billion people you haven’t met yet; so, you better get busy if you plan to retire early.

  4. GradualDazzle »

    23 August 2009 · 9:35 pm

    Don’t you dare quit on us now! You’re not anywhere near old enough to start the whole decrepit thing. Have a salad and some skinless chicken with me; it won’t set off your diabetes and it won’t trigger my corn allergy. :) Seriously, though, I’m kind-of attached to you. You have to stick around.

  5. Jeffro »

    23 August 2009 · 9:58 pm

    Dammit. I’ve lost some feeling in my feet and hands – which is a problem on ladders and such, so I hear you. I can still tell if something is hot enough to burn, but there is a time delay. I’m sure you’ve found you are able to adjust, but that has little or no consolation.

    Hang in there, you have a lot of supporters out here in the internet hinterlands.

  6. Cary »

    23 August 2009 · 10:18 pm

    Does everything seem a little depressing these days?

    It’s sort of slow around here isn’t it?

    I mean, there’s more zip in the doo da in
    the crocheting groups. Is it always like this?

  7. Tom »

    23 August 2009 · 11:07 pm

    You have a family of supporters here who are of your own making – you gave us a place to come for reflection and enjoyment – and we love you for it. We all have good days and bad, but all of mine are better for having spent a moment in your words. And I’m doing my best to stave off the healthcare overlords, so you’ve got that going fo you.

    Live to be a healthy centinnarian (sp?), or die trying.

  8. Donna B. »

    24 August 2009 · 12:42 am

    I’ll be cheering on the health of those you have to spite.

  9. Michael Bates »

    24 August 2009 · 3:10 am

    Thank you for keeping us updated, Charles. I’m thankful for your wit and observational skills and your willingness to provide your readers with free entertainment several times daily. Please take care of yourself.

    (Could that be concern troll extraordinaire “Ellen Smith” aka “claretoothloose,” back under a new — or perhaps her real — handle?)

  10. fillyjonk »

    24 August 2009 · 7:23 am

    What Donna B. said.

    I enjoy your blog and would grieve if you chose to give it up (or if health concerns forced you to – though then I would grieve more for the loss of your health).

    The internet is a funny thing. So much is made of how “isolating” it is, and yet, you find yourself coming to care about people you have never met in person.

  11. Kirk »

    24 August 2009 · 9:06 am

    Chaz, we’re both pulling and praying for you. Keep a positive mental attitude, and never give in or give up.

  12. Cary »

    24 August 2009 · 11:14 am

    Mr. Bates,

    Just wanted to let you know, seriously,
    how much I loved the picture of your
    van with the suitcases in it. I spit out
    my water and really laughed. I knew you
    had a sense of humor!! I just knew it! And just look, now, see,
    I think you probably might!! I mean, you do!!
    Sort of. Anyway, it was perfect.
    I’d go look at it again, but I read somewhere that
    takes up unneccessary bandwith and I didn’t want
    my IP thing to get, well, whatever happens to it when you
    do that. Or I do that. Actually, I think that picture would
    make a great picture for the beginning of a blog, whatever
    you call that, the opening picture I guess. I mean that really
    is a good idea. Don’t you think that would be a good idea?

    <—thinks it would be a good idea

    Mr. Hill. Good luck with the feet. I'd recommend lots of lotion.
    Lots. I use Melon Pear (Melon Poire) Mistral Provence Creme
    Mains. It's French. Don't know whether that would be a problem
    for you or not.

    P.S. I have never been called names in my For Love of Crochet group.

    P.P.S. I have no idea what circling the drain means.

  13. Lisa Paul »

    24 August 2009 · 5:07 pm

    Has it occurred to you that you are simply too nice? Ever heard the expression: “Too mean to die”? I suggest you start working on that.

    Seriously though. All good thoughts to you. There are many things besides Western Medicine that could be effective. Hang in there. Some of us can’t go through the day without little doses of Dustbury.

  14. CGHill »

    24 August 2009 · 5:35 pm

    Well, there’s this one weird “nutritional supplement” that allegedly addresses this particular issue: it apparently contains shagbark, feldspar, eye of newt, and God knows what all. It’s not so pricey that I can’t give it a shot, and better yet, an Amazon vendor sells it, which means I have a chance at not getting tons of email about similar products in the future. So I’m going to give that a try before I further erode my health-insurance deductible.

    Most people I work with swear I’m extraordinarily nasty, which is simply not true: I am ordinarily nasty.

  15. canadienne »

    24 August 2009 · 8:36 pm

    Well, I think (based on your year of high school graduation) that you are about my age, which is hardly old, and I think I’d have to see some documentation from a third party before I could believe that you you are in any way nasty. This is one of two personal (as opposed to technical) blogs that I read. Please take care of yourself!

  16. CGHill »

    24 August 2009 · 8:44 pm

    Which is odd, because I have this mental picture of you as being vaguely Leslie Caron-ish. (Not now, at 78, but about the time she was driving Gene Kelly crazy.)

  17. Jeffro »

    24 August 2009 · 9:35 pm

    Most people I work with swear I’m extraordinarily nasty, which is simply not true: I am ordinarily nasty.

    Heh. I don’t believe you for a second.

  18. canadienne »

    25 August 2009 · 1:20 am

    Nope, if you graduated in 1969, then you and I are probably of an age- and I don’t look like Leslie Caron either, sadly, and never did. (Not sure if I look like anybody famous.) Also, sadly, unlike Leslie and despite the French nickname, I’m an Anglo – the first time I ever posted here I was in a hotel room in Paris, and thinking of the old song I learned in French class long ago, “Un Canadien Errant.”

    But I’m going to reiterate my injunction to take care of yourself. If your writing is a reflection of your personality, I have a great deal of difficulty believing you to be even ordinarily nasty. Which opinion seems to be reflected in all these comments.

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