Not quite the usual Bag O’ Crap

This is Ché Guevara’s granddaughter Lydia, with a literal Bandolier of Carrots, which she did not get from Woot.

Bandolier of Carrots

This image of Lydia Guevara, twenty-four, will be appearing in a PETA campaign in South America.

(Found at Armed and Dangerous, where Eric S. Raymond has some highly-appropriate commentary on the subject.)


  1. Dick Stanley »

    30 August 2009 · 8:19 pm

    Well, she’s certainly leading a useful life. Carrots, eh? Beats Daddy’s murderous ways, I suppose. I always get a chuckle at Fidel’s remark that Che was a moron.

  2. SnoopyTheGoon »

    31 August 2009 · 9:25 am

    Argh… I have about five comments, none even remotely printable.

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