Bon Temps on a roll

If I were actually watching HBO these days, I’d like to think I’d have picked up on this, but I suspect I wouldn’t have. From the files of Thumbelina Fashionista:

Last night I finally went to see the last production of Euripides’ The Bacchae, playing at the Delacorte Theatre (Shakespeare in the Park’s second play of the summer). The parallels between that gruesome play and my HBO addiction True Blood are uncanny! And what’s particularly odd is that someone screamed in the audience after the character on stage did — only to ask for help. A commotion ensued, and when we were exiting the theatre, we saw an ambulance on its way. I can only hope that that person was okay.

Operative word: “Maenad.” More than that, deponent saith not.

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  1. CT »

    1 September 2009 · 9:33 am

    In that case, I’m not so sad about not getting around to catching it. I’m all vampyred out just from the ads and lack of tans around here…

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