A heck of a time to bloom

Last couple of years, I’ve had a early-fall eruption of roses in the front flower box — see here, for example — and I’m always surprised by this, what with the general nature of summer in these parts. (Two words: “hot” and “dry.”)

But we had about triple the usual August rain this year, so Rosa recalcitransia is back early, and looks something like this:

Rosa recalcitransia

Those in the back are actually about a foot behind and a foot lower, the result of a carefully-chosen (yeah, right) camera angle. And as you can see, more are coming.

(More sizes at Flickr.)


  1. Lynn »

    3 September 2009 · 11:10 am

    Beautiful! Mine are not doing so well. And my tomatoes are even worse. :-(

  2. canadienne »

    3 September 2009 · 10:26 pm

    And your carefully-chosen f/stop also results in limited depth of field so that that the other roses are out of focus enough not to be distracting, but still visible- nice photo.

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