A Dandy promise kept

The title track to Welcome to the Monkey House by the Dandy Warhols contains the following verbiage:

Wire is coming back again
Elastica got sued by them
When Michael Jackson dies
We’re covering “Blackbird”
And won’t it be absurd then
When no one knows what song they just heard
Unless someone on the radio tells them first
So come on come on come on
Come on come on come on
Come on
Come on come on come on
You monkeys

Well, Michael Jackson has indeed died, and here are the Dandy Warhols with a cover of “Blackbird”:

The Wire-Elastica, um, connection is explained here.

(Via This. That. No Other.)

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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    5 September 2009 · 5:44 am

    Well, gee, I mean, everybody’s got something to hide, ‘cept for…

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