Strange search-engine queries (188)

Unlike the government, this feature takes no Monday holidays: into the logs we go.

what is a totally enclosed recessed fixture:  How many people who have to ask “what is a totally enclosed recessed fixture” does it take to screw in a light bulb, anyway?

women stripped by invisible man:  Because he totally wouldn’t have the nerve to try that if they could see him.

tattoo lettering generator:  Yeah, but does it have a spell-checker?

“mama cass” “drum break”  For all the unkind things said about Cass Elliott during too short a lifetime, no one ever accused her of breaking a drum.

hot flashes dripping wet:  Wouldn’t this produce, like, steam?

ankle sweet spot sex:  “Ow!” “What’s wrong?” “Oh, it’s that damn bracelet.”

does Ann Coulter wear hose:  Certainly not with an ankle bracelet.

machine washable bra:  Because you wouldn’t want to send it to the dry cleaner’s.

worlds funniest bra:  Sorry, we can’t help you. It’s at the dry cleaner’s.

broccoli male enhancement:  Because zucchini would be just too obvious.

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