Uncovering a notion

The Academic Naturist comes up with lots of ideas that fall under the heading of Guerrilla Naturism, but this is the one that jolted me farthest out of my traditional complacency:

Restrictive covenants. They may not be useful often, but over time they could have an impact. If every naturist puts a restrictive covenant on their property that states that the owner must be OK with neighborhood nudity, we’d eventually weave together legal clothing-optional neighborhoods. At one parcel of land that I looked at, the covenant said I couldn’t build a pig farm or have a junkyard. I believe neighbors are able to place restrictive covenants on land if they all agree on the issue, which I think happened in this case.

“Over time,” yeah. Lots of time. Half the houses on this block have been sold since I’ve been here — which means, of course, that half of them haven’t. More to the point, I’ve seen neighborhood meetings get, um, somewhat amplified over issues less divisive than this. And there’s still the question of whether the existence of the covenants would pass legal muster with the city, which still has an ordinance about such things.

If this is going to work at all, I suspect, it will have to be in an isolated area, probably gated, built from the ground up as a clothing-optional neighborhood and advertised (discreetly) as such. Still, there are worse ways to spend your life.

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  1. Doug »

    16 September 2009 · 5:54 pm

    Yeah, lots of time, but you never know. It can’t hurt. It would work better in the rural areas since there are relatively few neighbors. But even in traditional neighborhoods, how many people can actually see your backyard? Depending on the layout it could be only one or two. Bringing up the topic at meetings would have a beneficial impact, even if they find some legal technicality against it.

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