Rings around the choler

E. M. Zanotti finds herself torn on the subject of the Olympic Games in Chicago:

I want to support it. I want to do volunteer to take part in one of those weird choreographed dances they make the host cities do. I want to pay ten times what tickets are worth. I want to do my part to foster international relations by purchasing loads of drinks for foreign tourists and then giving them bad directions to popular attractions. I want to irreparably damage those same relations by renting out my apartment for an obscenely high price. The problem is, well, Chicago. Tons of projects undertaken by the Chicago government, from Millennium Park to Block 37 to the slow zone elimination project on the Blue Line have come in way over budget and years after their anticipated end date, if they ever came in at all (see e.g. Block 37, which purported to connect all of the El lines at a central hub, but succeeded in becoming a block-long and block-wide half-done-then-abandoned eyesore). And there’s no such thing as “under-budget” when it comes to Chicago; the taxpayers foot the extra, so … yeah. Right as I’m about to get rid of Todd Stroger, I’m going to take on an extra tax on food/trees/having windows/having furniture/whatever to pay for the Decathlon? Doesn’t sound like something I want to actively vote for.

Block 37 is indeed having its problems; Loews Hotels, which was to anchor the hotel portion of the project, has withdrawn, as have some of the planned retailers, including Apple.

And while I know who Todd Stroger is, I wasn’t aware that his departure was even slightly imminent; I note with amusement that at the point I’d typed “todd stro” into the Google search box, the options proffered began with “todd stroger,” “todd stroger cook county,” and “todd stroger is an idiot.” Go figure.


  1. McGehee »

    29 September 2009 · 9:26 am

    <generic snarky putdown of the Olympic Games as not being worth the hype>

    Yeah, I’m phoning it in. Sue me.

  2. fillyjonk »

    29 September 2009 · 11:10 am

    Actually, based on rumors of bribery and corruption in the IOC, I think perhaps the Olympics and Chicago deserve each other…

    (At any rate, it’s NOT Dallas. So I will not have people I haven’t heard from in 20 years e-mailing me and hinting that it would be really nice of me to let them bunk at my place when they went to go see the Olympics.)

  3. canadienne »

    29 September 2009 · 11:22 pm

    “Rings around the choler,” great title. And I usually detest puns.

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