Neighbors affronted

I dunno. I want to sympathize, but there’s still an undercurrent of “What were you thinking?” to this story:

A York, SC woman was arrested Tuesday for cutting her lawn topless, according to an incident report from the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Angela Jonas, 50, is charged with indecent exposure after a neighbor called and complained the woman was mowing her yard [address redacted] naked from the waist up. The neighbor said Jonas has done this on several occasions.

Isn’t this, like, discriminatory? They wouldn’t bust (sorry) a guy for this, even if he had substantial moobage.

Then again, she may have damaged her own case:

When deputies arrived to investigate, they found Jonas walking nearby. According to the report, Jonas admitted she liked to cut the grass nude and was walking on the street topless.

(Tweeted in my general direction by Jeff Quinton.)

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