My favorite thon

Yours truly, a long time ago:

The first Boobiethon was last year, and I ignored it, thinking it was silly. And maybe it was. Yet it raised over a thousand dollars for breast-cancer research — perhaps not an enormous sum considering all the work that needs to be done, but if you check any bucket, you’ll realize that it’s filled with individual drops.

Boobiethon Premier SupporterLast year’s version produced donations of $9,300: lots of drops, as the phrase goes. As an incentive to get you to open up your wallet, dozens of volunteers are giving you a peek into their frontal zones. (Yes, there are some men among them: guys can get the very same cancer, and they’re a lot less likely to be thinking about it.) As DaGoddess would say, “Friends are like bras: a good one never lets you down.” I’m happy to have been a friend to this not-so-silly venture for seven years now.


  1. Da Goddess »

    3 October 2009 · 2:53 pm

    Boobies all over are happy to have you as a friend. And this boob in particular is especially grateful.

  2. CGHill »

    3 October 2009 · 5:52 pm

    Speaking of boobies, there’s an upcoming iPhone calculator app which will not let you spell out the word in traditional middle-school fashion by keying the magical digits “5318008”: once you turn the device over to get your cheap laff — well, click on this and be appalled.

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