Before you rip out that webcam

Once in a while, they do some good:

Midwest City police arrested three teenagers Saturday after a woman in the Philippines saw her husband’s Midwest City apartment being burglarized through a live video feed from a home Web camera.

She called hubby, and hubby called the police:

The caller said his wife, who is currently living in the Philippines, had been using a webcam the couple uses to video-chat when she heard a noise on her computer. When she went to inspect the sound she saw three teenage boys inside her husband’s apartment. The camera went blank when the computer was unplugged.

Officers were dispatched, and the culprits were still on the scene:

Officers made three arrests, and the victim’s wife identified them via the Internet. Officers were able to recover most of the victim’s property … along with property taken in other burglaries in the area.

One notable exception:

The webcam was not found.

I bet it’s the first item they replace.

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  1. Jessika »

    7 October 2009 · 9:13 am

    That happened to someone who left his webcam on while he was logged into Woot! TV. They accessed their servers and provided the evidence to the police, who arrested the burglar.

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