Illinois abatement

A citizen initiative in a state that generally doesn’t allow citizen initiatives. What will they think of next?

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  1. fillyjonk »

    25 October 2009 · 1:20 pm

    Best of luck to Mr. Bambanek. (I just hope that the more messy element of Illinois politics does not lead to him taking up permanent residence in Searls Park Lake*)

    And I had never seen that usage of “wooly booger” before. (Actually, I had never seen any usage of it; we always called the things in the first definition “wooly bears”)

    (*When I was a grad student and was planning my field work, one of the sites on my list was a place called, IIRC, Searls Park. I was talking about the sites I was planning to do work in one day in the lab and one of my lab mates announced (all too cheerfully, I thought), “Oh! Searls Park! That’s the lake where the Mob dumped all those bodies years ago!” I quietly crossed Searls Park off my list of sites, not wanting to risk inadvertently finding something I was definitely not looking for…)

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