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Stan Geiger has no problem with the Federal Pay Czar:

I like the idea of the federal government limiting compensation for executives of companies that have taken tax money. If nothing else, such a move fires a round across the bow of any executive in this country that thinks he or she can drive a company into the ground, get bailed out with gubment money, and still grab off those personal millions. Screw ’em.

Of course, the “brain drain” argument shows up. Why, if these geniuses don’t get paid their millions upon millions, they’ll go to work somewhere else. Fine, let them quit. Let them go to work delivering pizzas. That’s where they belong.

Not so fast, Stan. If, for instance, Bank of America execs were delivering pizzas, this is what you could expect:

  • Arbitrary change of toppings
  • Annual fee for living on the delivery route
  • A baleful look if you question the recommended 29.9 percent tip

It’s gotta be the coal mine for these guys.

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  1. Kay Dennison »

    28 October 2009 · 10:27 pm

    Great idea! Let them learn that Manual Labor isn’t the guy who plays 3rd base for the Yankees.

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