Strange search-engine queries (196)

If you’ve never seen this before, either you haven’t been paying attention or you’re very new to this site. What happens here: I poke around in the week’s referrals, and the goofiest-looking search strings are posted here for the amusement of the readership. Sometimes it even works.

are scholl sandals bad for your feet:  Not as bad as, say, dancing over hot coals barefoot.

they hate me because i’m thinner:  No. They hate you because you keep reminding them that you’re thinner. And keep in mind, you’ll fit into the woodchipper a lot more easily.

This I ain’t made for putzing:  But that ain’t what it do / One of these days some I / Is gonna putz all over you.

out of date fudge:  Don’t even think about handing it out next Halloween.

when to not wear socks:  “When wearing sandals” comes most immediately to mind.

convert into txt spk:  WTF4?

i cant make a living working at kmart:  Lately, neither can they.

can a woman drive with no power steering:  Sure. It’s easier, though, to drive a car that never had it than to drive a car that had it up until a couple of minutes ago.

anti anti lock brakes:  Offered as a package with nonpower steering.

grape nuts is cattle feed:  Cattlemen won’t spend four bucks a box for feed, you may be sure.

chat room all naked “no models”:  This idea is useless without webcams, and sometimes with.

can trees kill themselves:  Some of them, despairing, have wanted to, after hearing those bipeds yammering about deadly carbon dioxide.

charles hill and flight attendant:  It never happened. If it had, I’d have been escorted to the exit somewhere over the Continental Divide.

Obligatory Rule 34 item: Meredith Vieira toe cleavage.

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