Newt, not getting better

Last semi-substantive thing I had to say about Newt Gingrich, about three years ago:

Newt Gingrich has always been, as the newspaper guys used to say, “good copy,” not least because, well, he was named “Newt Gingrich”: were Booth Tarkington alive today, you’d find a list of names like “Newt Gingrich” sitting in a file on his computer. (Also, if he were writing Seventeen today, he’d have to call it Eleven, but that’s another matter.) David Letterman once listed ten ways to mispronounce the name, the best of which was Number Three: “Newtros Newtros-Gingy.” But whatever you thought of ol’ Grinch Neutron — political revolutionary or ethically-challenged weasel — he was always the Idea Guy, the man you went to if you wanted a sound bite that didn’t sound like it came from the five hundred-odd political hacks at the Capitol.

In light of more contemporary political events, a case can be made that maybe Newt Gingrich isn’t all that damn smart after all:

I keep hearing about how “smart” Gingrich is — from what I’ve seen, this involves sponsoring “enterprise zones”, school vouchers, free computers, Greeeeen Jorrrrbs and the rest of that rot. No one really thinks any of this will do squat for the urban poor. It’s all about making Republicans look nice to the Stuff White People Like set. Which is how Jack Kemp proved such a boon for the Bob Dole ticket in 1996.

While we’re on the topic of Gingrich’s sooper geniosity, Michael Moore (yes, Michael Moore) managed to pwn him on TV Nation: about all the pork / federal spending Gingrich was bringing back to his district. If you let yourself be Alinskyed by Michael Moore then, for all I am concerned, you don’t deserve a spot on any media outpost this side of FailBlog.

There’s certainly no shortage of results for Newt Gingrich Fail.


  1. Jeffro »

    4 November 2009 · 1:44 pm

    Newt’s support of Scozzafava in the NY-23 election, adamant about not supporting an actual conservative third party candidate, plus having the supposedly Republican Scozzafava withdraw and support the liberal Owens – well, he’s got egg all over his face. I’m not saying Dede was wrong in supporting Owens – she’s being ideologically pure IMHO – it’s the idea that a supposedly conservative Republican wanted anyone with an “R” to win no matter what they believe had me wound up.

    If that’s the kind of helpful advise and counsel we can expect from Newt in the future – well, stay the hell of my lawn, buddy.

  2. McGehee »

    4 November 2009 · 2:02 pm

    I live in Gingrich Ground Zero; his first congressional district included Newnan and one of the great ladies of the local GOP used to be an aide in his district office here.

    I lost patience with Newtie’s relentless pursuit of media approval while he was still Speaker. He’d obviously handed his principles over to be kept in a lockbox, and apparently he’s forgotten the PIN for getting them back.

    As for NY-23, the honchos of the local GOP who handed Dede the nomination bear the ultimate responsibility for Owens’ victory. They failed to vet their candidate, just as the Democrats failed to vet their 2008 presidential nominee.

  3. Teresa »

    4 November 2009 · 10:36 pm

    It was quite obvious that Newt was completely off the rails when he did a “global warming” commercial with Nancy Pelosi. Good grief! He does say the occasional witty sentence, but it’s all a cover. Heh.

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