I do hope this doesn’t set a trend

On today’s to-do list, only just recently completed:

  • Laundry (three loads).
  • Weed out 2006 magazine stacks. (Basically, this means: box up the six titles I keep, dispose of the rest. “The rest” filled 3½ lawn/leaf bags.)
  • Listen to the Beatles’ Love all the way through. (Reaction is somewhere between “Cool” and “Meh”.)
  • Start Zocor regime.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Sort unpaid bills by due date. (Most of them are due on the 8th and will be paid on the 3rd.)
  • Review annual memberships, add new one.
  • Hang calendars. (I have three for this year, including one from these guys and one from these girls.)
  • Check Gwendolyn’s fluids. (Oil change due in late January.)
  • Disassemble bedroom fan, blow out accumulated dust, reassemble.
  • Toss about 40 browser bookmarks that are no longer valid.

For someone as indolent as I, this is a lot of work for a day off.

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