A high-decibel blast from the past

In my erstwhile capacity as a gadget freak in this part of the world, it was probably inevitable that I would someday meet Linda Soundtrak, the TV face of the electronics chain that bore her name. (Well, actually, she took the store’s name as a stage name, but that’s not important.) Not everyone was as crazy about her as I was:

Linda Soundtrak was the most annoying pitch person alive at a time when being an annoying pitch person was an art form. But don’t you miss her?

Well, yes. And while people still revile her, I’m looking forward to her return: when she wasn’t being Linda Soundtrak, she was calm, almost demure, and incredibly focused, and she occasionally had time to chat up some of us wandering about on the sales floor. She won’t be doing that this time around — she’ll come in once in a while to record a few spots for the reopened store’s new owner, sort of like Tom Park — but sixteen years without Linda is quite enough, thank you very much. (And if nothing else, this should demonstrate that no, that’s someone else doing the far-more-annoying 1-800-2SELLHOMES ads.)

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