Buttering up the new guy

Yesterday, Ray Vaughn was sworn in for the first time as District 3 Commissioner in Oklahoma County; shortly thereafter, Brent Rinehart of District 2 nominated Vaughn to serve as chair.

Vaughn declined:

“I appreciate that, but honestly, I think the citizens would continue to be served best if we just continue with the same leadership we’ve had,” Vaughn said. “I need some time to learn this position.”

Which, you can be sure, annoyed Rinehart; the “same leadership we’ve had,” District 1’s Jim Roth, has been a thorn in Rinehart’s side for some time, and Vaughn has already said he will work with Roth to restore the Budget Board, which was abolished by Vaughn’s predecessor, Stan Inman, and Rinehart back in 2005 in a fit of pique.

Go get ’em, Ray.

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  1. Dan »

    4 January 2007 · 12:50 am

    Perhaps Rinehart thought he could pull a fast one on Ray more easily. I think he was mistaken.

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