Scrutinizing yet another insurance bill

You may remember this from six months ago. Let’s see what they’ve done to me this time around:

  • Liability (injury): up $1.90.
  • Liability (property): up $10.30.
  • Uninsured motorists: up $0.90.
  • Comprehensive: up $6.20.
  • Collision: up $15.90.
  • Road service: unchanged.
  • Rental reimbursement: up $1.30.

For a change, this isn’t the fault of those unblinkered, Philistine uninsured motorists.

And this isn’t quite final either: after the bill was issued, they discovered a couple more factors that had changed in the last few days. For one, I now carry three different policies from these folks, which fact will erase most of these increases; for another, there’s no longer a lienholder, which may or may not matter. Given the implied increase in parts prices, I am loath to drop collision coverage, even though the car is now paid for.

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